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Digenis Akritas Morphou is one of the oldest sport clubs in Cyprus. It was established on 23 April 1931 under the full name of “Mousikofilologikos kai Athlitikos Sillogos Digenis Akritas Morfou”. The club takes its name from the medieval Greek hero Digenis Akritas, who is depicted on the club’s emblem. As the club did not have access to a suitable stadium, the football team was not able to play in an official league of the Cyprus Football Federation until 1968, when it joined the second division. The team was promoted to the first division after the 1969–70 season. After finishing second in the Cypriot First Division in 1971, it qualified for the UEFA Cup competition, the first team from Cyprus to do this and was knocked out by AC Milan (lost 4–0 and 3–0). The club had a great following and was ranked within the strongest clubs in Cyprus before the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and occupation of the city of Morphou in 1974. 

Following the Turkish invasion, the team was displaced to the southern part of the island, where they currently play in exile. This upheaval brought a downturn in fortunes, and the team loitered in the lower divisions until the 1999–2000 season, when it again earned promotion to the top division. 2005 also brought success in the Cypriot Cup, in which Digenis reached the final of the competition only to lose 2–0 to Omonia Nicosia and finishing in 4th place in the Cyprus first division league. Currently,  the football team plays in the second division after winning the third division championship in 2022-23 season. 

Digenis also has a successful past in basketball. The team won the top division championship three times, in 1966, 1967, and 1968. In 2022, the team won the 2nd division championship with an unbeaten record. Digenis is currently one of the top teams in the 2nd division.

A legendary past.

Our history is our driving force so we are grateful to everyone who stayed by the club during its difficult times and helped it survive all the hardships that came its way. Here's a trip down memory lane with pictures from past teams.

Leaders. Inside and outside of the pitch.


Research & Innovation

In collaboration with scientists from different fields, we engage in cutting-edge research that produces novel training tools and paradigms in the fields of sports. Based on scientific results , we introduce empirically-tested programs and integrate the latest technologies for the physical and cognitive training to the club players. We use physiological data, performance metrics, and mental skill data to design personalized training to maximize performance and prevent injuries. To learn more about our research, click on the picture above to visit our project VR-MS that is funded by the EU.


Youth Academy

The club maintains its own Football Academy with competitive teams in all age groups, starting from the age of 6. The Academy operates in the Aglandjia area of Nicosia in close proximity to the club's home and employs trainers with expertise in Sports Science and other fields. We take pride in using innovative tools in the training of our young talents, which differentiates our Academy from those of other club's. It is therefore not surprising that our Under 19 and the Men's squads of the club include a large number of players developed in our Academy


Seminars & Workshops

The club organizes seminars and workshops for both athletes and the general public. For example, in July 2022, Digenis co-organized with the University of Cyprus a 2-week workshop for high-school students, aimed at teaching them how to develop computerized tools for the assessment of cognitive skills in athletes. The workshop was organized with funding from the Cyprus Foundation for Research and Innovation. A series of seminars on topics of interest to athletes is planned for 2023-23. More information will be announced on the club's social media.

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